5 records broken in Manchester City’s 6-0 thrashing of Chelsea 

No one expected a result like what we saw last night when Manchester City took on Chelsea at the Etihad. It felt like Chelsea were the smallest boy in the class who gets bullied because of his size.

To score 6 goals against a side like Chelsea and also not concede a single goal in the process is something that should be lauded for a long time. Such is the brutality with which Pep Guardiola’s side played last night that the Blues, by the last quarter of the game, gave the impression that they were just waiting for the full-time whistle.

In the end, Chelsea lost 6-0 and broke a number of rather ominous records in the process…

#5 Biggest loss since Nottingham Forest


The last time Chelsea were dismantled like this was almost three decades ago in 1991 against Nottingham Forest. That Forest side was none other than the one managed by the legendary Brian Clough as they trumped the Blues 7-0.

#4 Biggest defeat in PL era


As you may have guessed already, Chelsea losing 6-0 to Manchester City means that this is their biggest defeat ever in the Premier League era.

The Premier League was formed in 1992, which was a year later Chelsea’s drubbing at the hands of Brian Clough’s men.

#3 Worst goal difference away from home in 2019

Chelsea head coach Maurizio Sarri

Chelsea have been atrocious away from home since the turn of the year. 2019 might not be even two months old but it has been somewhat of an unfortunate year for the Londoners.

The Stamford Bridge outfit have played three games away from home this year and have conceded 12 goals in them. What’s even worse is that they have not been able to break the duck mark on the road this year.

As a result, they hold the record of the worst goal difference in the Premier League in 2019.

#2 Consecutive four goals conceded


If the defeat to Manchester City could have been labeled as an anomaly, then there would be some solace for Chelsea fans. However, the fact that they lost 4-0 to Bournemouth in their second last away game means that the 6-0 loss to Manchester City was not an outlier.

Their woeful away form is a concern for Maurizio Sarri. Since 1990, the Blues have never conceded four or more goals in consecutive away games – until now.

#1 Four goals in 25 minutes


But that’s not even the worst of it. It is very hard to rank which record is the worst for the Londoners but this might just be on the top because of the fact that it has never happened in their history.

Maurizio Sarri’s side conceded four goals in the first 25 minutes, much to the shock of everyone else. What’s worse, this is the first time in their history that they ‘achieved’ such a terrible feat.

It seems there is a lot of work to do for Sarri now.