The body recovered from the missing plane carrying Emiliano Sala has been identified

The Dorset Police Department have released an official statement that the body recovered from the plane belongs to that of missing footballer Emiliano Sala.

On the back of the confirmation that the body found was indeed Emiliano Sala’s, Cardiff City released a statement on their website and offered their heartfelt sympathies to the families of Sala and the pilot, David Ibbotson – whose body is yet to be sighted or recovered.

The search for the plane carrying the two of them, that went missing off the coast of Surtainville, north of Guernsey, had initially yielded no results but a publicly funded search that had raised over £300,000 had meant that the AAIB could resume the search in conjunction with private search teams.

After a couple of cushions believed to be belonging to the aircraft had washed ashore, investigators narrowed the search area down to 4 square miles and employed the use of sonar technology to finally locate the wreck on the seabed.

It was then that a body was discovered in the wreckage that has since been identified to be that of missing footballer Emiliano Sala.