Arsenal superfan and actress posts racially abusive comments directed at Alex Iwobi

Esha Gupta, a Bollywood actress, posted screenshots of racially abusive messages shared between her and another friend on her Instagram account.

Gupta, 33, is a well known Arsenal fan who was rumoured to have dated club right back Hector Bellerin. She has also been spotted at the Emirates a number of times, supporting the team.

She posted the following screenshot of Whatsapp messages exchanged between her and a friend that contained racially abusive messages towards winger Alex Iwobi, referring to him as ‘gorilla-faced’ and stating that he hadn’t evolved from ‘Neanderthal to man.’

She later on ended up deleting the post but by the time, fans the world over had picked up on the highly inappropriate messaged and started lambasting her on social media.

Gupta promptly apologised for her comments, saying that she was sorry for posting them and that it was borne out of frustration after Arsenal were handily beaten by Manchester United at the Emirates in their fourth round FA Cup match.

However, fans were still not willing to let her off the hook and continued calling her out despite her apology.