Zlatan Ibrahimovic urges Tottenham Hotspur superstar to leave club and win trophies

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has no problem in being one of the most controversial characters in world football. Days after slamming Cristiano Ronaldo over a comment made on Lionel Messi, the Swede has now commented on Tottenham Hotspur superstar Harry Kane. 

Zlatan told Bethard that Kane needs to leave Spurs if he wants to win trophies, and that they are a ‘normal’ club.

“When I was in England, I saw him play. I think he is a good striker. He’s still developing, he’s doing good things.”

“But I always say, playing in a big club, performing good is different from playing in… with all respect to Tottenham, a ‘normal’ club.”

“I think he can make it. He just needs to make the move, and people will remember you for what you win. So if he wants to win, then yes, I think he needs to change.”

The former Manchester United forward may have hurt the sentiments of Spurs fans, but considering the quality Kane possesses, adding trophies would be a more than welcome inclusion.