Manchester United legend claims Jose Mourinho wanted to be sacked from club

Manchester United have become somewhat of their old self in recent weeks, following the appointment of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and a renewed belief in the squad. 

And it happens to coincide with the sacking of former manager Jose Mourinho, who never really got things under control at Old Trafford and struggled through his spell at the club.

Former Manchester United star Paul Scholes has now hit out at Jose, claiming the Portuguese deliberately got himself sacked because he didn’t want to be there.

‘I felt he (Mourinho) didn’t want to be there,’ Scholes said to TV2. ‘He engineered his move away perfectly in the end.

‘His press conferences were embarrassing, so negative, it was obvious in the end the players didn’t want to play for him. The right thing happened in the end.’

 ‘He fell out with Antonio Valencia who is the nicest man in the world. It’s impossible to fall out with Antonio Valencia. That was a big sign for me that something wasn’t quite right.’

Scholes has long been a critic of Jose Mourinho and his methods, and his emotions seem to be echoed by a large number of the United fan base as well.