Jose Mourinho finally breaks his silence on what went wrong for him at Manchester United

Former Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho took a subtle dig at the club’s structure and Paul Pogba while presumably opening up about what went wrong for him there.

Jose Mourinho was a bundle of pointed quotes and innuendo when he sat in on beIN SPORT’s panel of pundits for the Qatar vs Saudi Arabia group E game in the AFC Asian Cup 2019.

He then opened up – without taking names – on what seemed to be the reason why his stint at Manchester United came to such an acrimonious end in December of 2018.

“The structure must be made. The structure must be there to protect the manager and for the players to feel that everything is in place and they are not going to arrive into a situation where they feel more powerful than they used to be,” he said, in what seemed like a shot at Paul Pogba.

Mourinho then continued to emphasize on the word ‘structure’ in what appeared to be a criticism about the problems plaguing Manchester United.

“In modern day football, I don’t think it’s the problem between the coach and a player. I think it’s a problem between the coach without the structure behind him and the player,” he said.

“We are not anymore in the time where the coach by himself is powerful enough to cope and to have a relation of education and sometimes confrontation with players who are not the best professionals.”

Since Mourinho left Manchester United following their 3-1 defeat to Liverpool at Anfield, the club has racked up 6 victories on the trot under caretaker manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer with the latest one coming at Wembley against Spurs.