Dragonmania: 5 times the Eurasian Dragon got REAL

The Eurasian Dragon The Eurasian Dragon

FOX Sports Asia gets Wrestle Square Champion, SPW’s The Eurasian Dragon to reveal five of the most controversial tactics he used to best his enemies.

It is no secret that many professional wrestlers are fond of being bad guys (or affectionately known as heels).

Utilising underhanded tactics in the ring and terrorising the peace outside of it, heels have a special place in the hearts of many fans – as people love to hate.

As one of Southeast Asia’s wrestling superheroes, I have been contending against rule breakers since the get-go. But sometimes, I am required to take a darker path to ensure the fans go home happy.

Papercut, ‘The Evil’ Luqman Adam

Long before he was The Free Spirit, Luqman Adam was known as ‘The Evil’!

When a Singaporean Malay newspaper did a feature on him in 2014, I could not sit by and allow such an unscrupulous man to bask in glory.

With the aid of Referee Sodiq, we proceeded to intentionally agitate one of our biggest villains right smack during his first career highlight! Thankfully though, most of his evil ways subsided by 2015.

Ring Crew, Sayn RH

In 2016, two months after becoming the first-ever Singapore Champion in pro wrestling history, Sayn RH made me lose my belt by knocking me out with a chain.

However, his comeuppance came last year when I politely put him in his place while he was setting up the wrestling show venue.

Sayn, who is currently on a wrestling hiatus, lost his Wrestle Square Championship to me in June at the Eurasian Dragon’s Birthday event hosted by Singapore Pro Wrestling (SPW).

Beating up the boss

Frustrated at work?

Then allow me to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to find a ‘good’ reason to beat your boss up!

Last weekend at Wrestling City Asia’s One Night in Bangkok, SPW General Manager Carl Hella confiscated the tag team titles from Mighty Mighty and myself – qualifying him for another wallopping very soon!

The Trojan Horse move

Speaking of loopholes, this is an ingenious way to get yourself signed to a title match.

Inspired by acts of property invasion committed by legends like Triple H and Randy Orton, I utilised trickery by shielding my face in order to score an invite right into my enemies’ lair.

Unfortunately, I got my car stolen by Power Warrior at the end of this encounter…

We Are (Stealing) Family!

GM Carl Hella struck again recently, but this time, sent a messenger bearing bad news.

However, I recognised the messenger as standout SPW trainee, and star of the Wreproduction house shows, Big Bad Jack! I knew we had to immediately ‘kidnap’ this youngster to OUR side of the battlefield instead.

Interestingly, something drastic must have transpired between the scenes – how and why did Jack suddenly become so subservient in such a short span of time? I suppose I will leave it up to your imagination…


Cover photo credit: Zen Zhihua Photography