Dragonmania: 5 worst wrestling decisions EVER

The Eurasian Dragon The Eurasian Dragon

FOX Sports Asia gets recently dethroned Southeast Asian Tag Champion, The Eurasian Dragon to share his pick of the five worst wrestling decisions of all time which includes his recent controversial Bangkok title match.

Authority figures have played a role in the professional wrestling landscape for a few decades now. Inspired by the late 90s’ Mr. McMahon villain character, general managers, commissioners and many more have popped up to help run wrestling shows.

As someone who has had his fair share of run-ins with his Singapore Pro Wrestling’s (SPW) General Manager (GM), let me share what I consider to be the five worst decisions made by wrestling authority figures who should really be looking into other forms of employment…

The making of SPW GM Carl Hella

The aforementioned General Manager of SPW, Carl Hella, has made many mistakes throughout the duration of his tenure.

However, the alarm bells should have rang very early in his career, as he is seen here forcing an unwarranted apology between two very intense local wrestling figures (Luqman Adam and myself).

Even back then, I could tell that Carl Hella was going to be trouble and even even dropped him a karmic warning – which he has failed to heed!

Guilty as charged!

Sometimes in life, it is best to know when to quit while you are ahead, or in certain scenarios, how to cut one’s losses.

For a man who ran the successful World Championship Wrestling (WCW) promotion during the 90s’, Eric Bischoff, then the soon-to-be-disposed-off General Manager of WWE’s Monday Night Raw, was very obviously fighting a losing battle in wrestling court.

Instead of pleading guilty and facing his  punishment, Bischoff’s stubbornness meant an prolonged trial. It wasn’t a bad thing though, as the trial proved cathartic for many of the wrestlers he wronged during his vile tenure as boss of Raw.

From Russia with Love, Vadim

Photo courtesy of IWF Russia

SPW and Independent Wrestling Federation (IWF) Russia proprietor Mr Vadim Koryagin has largely kept himself out of the public eye for the better part of a decade.

Choosing instead to delegate leadership tasks throughout his ranks, the retired Russian pioneer tends to be a silent observer at live wrestling events. However, at IWF Russia’s monumental 15th anniversary show, Vadim decided to take fans down an unexpected path.

Not only did he make his first public appearance in years, he assaulted his charges with a steel chair which forced top good guy Anton Deryabin to turn to the dark side in the process. It was a move that made many fans emotionally stricken.

The Last Ride of Teddy Long

Although WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long was a well-loved General Manager of SmackDown, there was an incident where he ran afoul of one of the all-time wrestling greats, The Undertaker.

Considering that it is well known throughout our industry that The Undertaker possesses extraordinary powers, it still puzzles me as to why Teddy got into the limousine unguarded. I wonder how the car ride went…

Bangkok ‘Strip’ Club

Photo courtesy of Wrestling City Asia

Mighty Dragon defending the Southeast Asian Tag Team Championships against The Horrors at Wrestling City Asia: One Night in Bangkok was a good match. It was becoming a great match, but then misfortune struck!

As my partner Mighty Mighty and I were about to get Da Butcherman and Doctor Gore to submit to our Young Boys (aka crab lock) manoeuvre, IWF Russia’s bad guys Kyberpunks decided to interfere.

To our horror, pun fully intended, GM Carl Hella arrived at the scene to unfairly strip us of our tag team championships. The controversial decision is the first of its kind in the history of pro wrestling, and an absolute travesty to sportsmanship!

Despite Bangkok having its good points, this was the biggest buzzkill in wrestling history.


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