Dragonmania: A wrestling champ’s guide to Bangkok

The Eurasian Dragon The Eurasian Dragon

FOX Sports Asia gets SPW double champion, The Eurasian Dragon to play tour guide as he shares a wrestler’s perspective of Bangkok ahead of his debut show in the Thai capital. 

This Saturday, Wrestling City Asia’s One Night in Bangkok will mark my Bangkok pro wrestling debut.

Featuring in one of the headline bouts, Mighty Mighty and I will defend the Southeast Asian Tag Team Championship against The Horrors (Doctor Gore and Butcherman).

With such a stressful day at the office approaching, considering the ability and tenacity of The Horrors, check out how a double wrestling champion would elect to spend his downtime in one of Southeast Asia’s most iconic cities!


On the road alongside Muslim wrestlers like Mighty Mighty, Da Butcherman and referee Sodiq, social harmony remains at the fore. Which is why I am willing to compromise and try some mouthwatering local Halal cuisine.

Recommended by longtime Singapore Pro Wrestling (SPW) supporter Nazree, this Halal-certified restaurant looks like a future haunt for us when we are in Bangkok. We were also told by another supporter that Halal eateries are common in the Thai capital now, so it looks to be a weekend of good eating!


For some, Bangkok represents a party destination with its bustling nightlife. However, for a laidback gent like myself, I would prefer immersing myself into more cultural sights such as the night market!

Recommended by Pumi Boonyatud, promoter of Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling Thailand, there are many night markets similar to the pasar malam famous to Singapore and Malaysia.

I think Rot Fai Market is where I can practice my interpersonal skills as I attempt to haggle for lower souvenir prices.

Rest & Relaxation (R&R)

With many of the Wrestling City roster in their early 30s, we are looking forward to using the hotel facilities as much as possible for relaxation measures.

Be it the hotel gym, pool or sauna, you can always find a wrestler working towards upkeeping his physical conditioning and match preparations. It is a lot more encouraging to do these activities together on tour than it is back working out alone back at home!

With a Little Help from My Friends…

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure to share locker rooms with another dominant force in Southeast Asian Tag Team wrestling, Bad Company.

Made up of P-Nuts and the current Gatoh Move ‘One and Only’ Champion Golem Thai, these two bruisers are a gritty throwback pairing. Finally, I will get to experience Bad Company in front of their roaring hometown support!

Another friend I am really looking to reconnect with is arguably India’s best independent wrestling export, Baliyan Akki.

The former WrestleSquare (India) Intercontinental Champion will do battle against Japanese veteran Michael Nakazawa, following a successful year spent building his name on the Japanese puroresu scene.

Akki and I first met in a one-time 2016 show hosted by Kingdom Wrestling Federation in Pattaya, and will reunite once again in Thailand again for Wrestling City.

Since we met, Akki and I have a 1-1 win-loss record against each other. However, I will not hesitate to use the fact that I am the current WrestleSquare Intercontinental Champion as a means to win the argument over who is India’s top representative!


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