Dragonmania: 5 Wackiest Wrestling Show Names

The Eurasian Dragon The Eurasian Dragon

FOX Sports Asia gets SPW double champion, The Eurasian Dragon to share five peculiar wrestling show names that you wouldn’t believe existed.

By now, many would have noticed that pro wrestling is one of the most entertaining forms of sport – largely due to a distinct larger-than-life quality about our industry.

This wacky world also includes wrestling show titles that are both attention-grabbing and peculiar.

Either way, these extraordinary event names accomplish one of the root missions of the wrestling movement: creating lasting memories for fans.

Wrestling City Asia: One Night in Bangkok (2018) (Picture courtesy of SPW)

Next weekend, Wrestling City Asia (the regional extension of Singapore Pro Wrestling [SPW]) will resume with a one-night-only special show in Bangkok. Although it sounds like a seedy adult movie, I assure you that it involves world-class competitors set to do battle for Southeast Asia’s top wrestling prizes.

The match I am looking forward to the most is the Singaporean Dream Match where The Horrors (Dr Gore and Butcherman) take on myself and Mighty Mighty for the Southeast Asian Tag Team Championships!

Other blockbuster bouts happening on the show include Thai heroes, Bad Company (P-Nuts and Golem Thai) taking on Russian techno-terrors Kyberpunks, while The Statement and Façade go one on one!

WWE: Great Balls of Fire (2017)

Named directly after the 1957 Jerry Lee Lewis classic track, Great Balls of Fire was unfortunately derided over social media for obvious reasons. The seemingly first-and-last-of-its-kind event was capped with an intense championship bout between Brock Lesnar and Samoa Joe.

Interestingly, Memphis Wrestling icon Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler helped play a vital role in the formation of Great Balls. The King said that his attorney, who was also Lewis’ lawyer, helped facilitate the deal between the two parties.

Lawler, being one of wrestling’s most enterprising figureheads, helped sort everything out with a phone call – including securing legal rights to use the song for the event!

TNA: Hardcore Justice (2010-2015)

When TNA launched the pay-per-view titled Hard Justice in 2005, nobody batted an eyelid. But when they relaunched it as Hardcore Justice in 2010, many jokes were passed around on social media!

Even when I entered the wrestling industry in 2012, Hardcore Justice was a name that was still a universal industry joke.

Innuendo aside, the first Hardcore Justice was conceived as an Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) reunion show and was headlined by a stellar Rob-Van-Dam-versus-Sabu hardcore match. ECW is so wildly innovative and its heritage is so respected that there are reunion shows till today!

SPW: Kampong Justice (2015)

Possibly the most uniquely Singaporean name of all time, Kampong Justice (which translates to Village justice) is undoubtedly iconic. Buoyed by legend Mick Foley’s online endorsement, the event hosted a special one-off King of Kampong match!

It also marked current Southeast Asian Champion Lokomotiv’s in-ring debut as he main-evented the show against me.

Interestingly, the show opened with me fighting off a few of the General Manager’s enforcers – of which one of trio became prominent in Grapplemax Dojo, while the other two became Power Warrior and The Butcherman!

SPW presents Wreproduction (2018)

Mighty Dragon’s new young boy, Big Bad Jack delivers a spinebuster on former SPW Champion Power Warrior (Photo courtesy of SPW)

Power Warrior and The Butcherman would return again to fight our new trainees in the SPW developmental show.

Although our young talent put up a good fight against their experienced counterparts, everyone had to deal with the fact that Wreproduction is perhaps the most hilariously named wrestling show in history!

Perhaps our boss wanted to boost locker room morale with a longstanding prank with a name like this?


PS: The Eurasian Dragon and all of us at FOX Sports Asia wish all our Singaporean readers a Happy National Day.


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