Neymar’s former manager claims that he may never make it amongst the world’s best players

Former Barcelona coach Luis Enrique has had his say on Neymar, saying that he is not convinced about the player’s credentials to be a part of football’s best names.

The Spaniard who is currently at the helm of Spain’s national team, coached the Brazilian while at Barcelona and even won trophies together, including the club’s last Champions League win in 2015. Enrique acknowledged that his is not in doubt of Neymar’s extraordinary talent and skill, before saying that it hasn’t stopped questions from framing in his mind.

“He (Neymar) has the potential to be a dominant player,” Luis Enrique said, before adding: “Time will tell, and I’m not certain that he will be, but he’s a winner on the pitch.”

Neymar who currently plays for PSG, was injured in January and was hence out of action against Manchester United in the Champions League Round-of-16 – a huge blow in recollection, considering how they bottled a substantial 2-0 lead in the first leg, eventually crashing out after a 3-1 defeat in the second leg.

Reports have already placed him on a potential move from PSG to Real Madrid, with any final confirmation (or denial) yet to surface from official sources related to the player or either clubs.

The player himself has not ruled out the possibilities, while recuperating at his home in Brazil. He is set to return to action for PSG sometime around April.