5 players that Real Madrid should consider selling

The transfer window provides an opportunity for the clubs to make amends of the team. It provides the chance for teams to paper over the cracks on it. As a result, we could see some activity in the winter transfer market.

However, this is not an article concerning just the winter window but also the summer. Real Madrid, as we all know, need to make some adjustment to their squad – and here are 5 players they must consider selling.

#5 Karim Benzema

The first person that the Galacticos should leave from their team is Karim Benzema. His form has been erratic for a long time now and it is about time Madrid get rid of him.

His sale will also generate some good money, which can late be used to sign a better striker.

#4 Gareth Bale

He was supposed to succeed the throne left vacant by the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo. However, he has, so far, failed to do so.

The Galactico faithful haven’t seen the best of him even after five years of having him at the Bernabeu. Bale’s first season was good but he never really took off from there.

#3 Marco Asensio

He might have a lot of talent but he hasn’t taken up the chances bestowed upon him this season. After Ronaldo’s departure, the Spaniard had the chance to cement his spot.

And yet, Asensio has, so far, failed to live up to the billing. As a result, if a very good offer comes for him, they can use that to sign a better young player.

#2 Isco

Isco is perhaps the most talented Spanish player in the Madrid team. For that reason, he has kept his place in the team when the likes of James and Kovacic had to go elsewhere.

Sadly, however, for a caliber of his talent, he doesn’t dominate games as much as he should be. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a bad move to let go of him and bring back Kovacic and/or James.

#1 Sergio Ramos

Let’s get this clear: on his day, he is the best defender in the world. However, those performances don’t come as frequently as they should, especially in games against mid-lower-table clubs in La Liga.

At 32, he won’t get any better after a couple of years and the Galacticos could sign any talented young defender to fill up the game. This relationship with Florentino Perez also might not be best according to some reports.