The Sergio Ramos incident and its current reflection on Real Madrid

Aside from being under the spotlight after poor form resulted in them slipping down the La Liga table, Real Madrid are yet again the talk of the town after skipper Sergio Ramos’ actions while in training. With his penchant for being involved in various news-worthy incidents, is Ramos’ actions worthy of him carrying the captain’s armband for the team?


A video surfaced of Real Madrid during their training, in a rather intense scrimmage when youngster Sergio Reguilon can be seen trying to dive towards Ramos’ direction to try and pry away the ball from the 32-year-old.

The dive appeared to make contact with the skipper’s nose which resulted in him getting clearly upset with the 21-year-old.

Training would then cease as everyone was looking at Ramos and what his reaction could be.

He would then kick the ball towards the young Madrid player, and then later on could be seen kicking another ball towards Reguilon’s legs.

Luka Modric can also be seen trying to comfort the irate skipper as they walked off the practice pitch.


Naturally, there would be opinions on what happened with the incident, with many questioning if Ramos did the right thing.

Others were quick to mention that Reguilon is a youngster and needed to be guided by the team’s captain instead of being attacked like what transpired.

Of course, people naturally saw this as one of the many problems that Madrid are encountering, showing that their recent poor form isn’t focused on one person, but the entire team as a whole.

Amidst the talk, Ramos was quick to respond, apologising for his actions. Translated, his tweet claimed: “Although it does not seem, are quite common situations, but no excuse, my reaction should not be that. We always go to full, don’t we, Regui? At the end of the team victory together “

To his credit, Reguilon replied to his captain, offering his support and that there was no bad blood between the two, saying: “Always with my team and my captain, for the victory tomorrow!”


This incident with Ramos in training clearly shows the problems within the team. When a youth player acts and responds in a more mature manner than the team’s captain, it speaks volumes on just how disjointed things are within the Madrid camp.

Given the fact that there appeared to be no immediate intervention by coaches and management, then what Ramos said is true, that it may be a regular occurrence. However, something being regular does not mean it’s correct.

On his best days, Ramos is one of the best defenders and can help influence his side towards victory. But there are times that his inability to make right decisions in the most crucial moments can lead to his demise. Ultimately, it appears that it is also spreading within the team.

He is undoubtedly one of the leaders of Madrid and will continue to be as long as he serves the club, but being a captain is more than just being loyal to the badge, it’s being a role model to each one – regardless whether he’s an established star or an aspiring protege.