Cristiano Ronaldo, Isco clash amidst Real Madrid issue

It’s no secret that Real Madrid are in a hole at the moment. Normally in conversation for titles and wins, they are simply looking for stability amidst poor form.

At the moment, they are seventh in La Liga, four points behind current leaders Barcelona.

As a result, pressure has been put on current coach Julen Lopetegui as many are looking for his two-month long career with the Spanish capital to be cut short because of their poor performances.

There have been a mixture of opinions, and most recently, two players aired their feelings – Madrid star Isco and former superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

First off, the Spaniard Isco quickly defended his manager, instead he spread the blame on everyone as they win and lose as a team.

Talking to reporters, he said: “If you sack the coach you have to sack us all because we are the ones on the field – this is something for everyone, not just the coach.”

At one point, he was asked if the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo has any bearing on their struggles and Isco was quick to dismiss the idea.

With a rather stingy comment, he said: “We can’t look for solutions in someone who isn’t here. We can’t be crying for someone who didn’t want to be here.”

In a separate press conference, Cristiano, who left Madrid in the summer to move to Juventus, was asked to respond and he had choice words for his former teammate.

The Portuguese said: “It’s all right. You can not cry.” After an underhanded comment on Isco, he tried his best not to comment on Real’s situation. “I do not have to talk about other clubs.”

After speaking about the importance of his coming UEFA Champions League game against Manchester United, Ronaldo reiterated that he has no desire to speak on Madrid’s problems, saying: “It’s not for me to talk about the crisis of others.”