Barcelona should steer clear of Hazard

Despite having won the La Liga championship last season, Barcelona are just like any other team during the summer and signings are never-ending.

They made headlines recently with signing Arturo Vidal from Bayern Munich but it seems that the La Liga titlists are not yet done with trying to sign new names at the moment.

Barcelona have long been linked with Chelsea superstar Eden Hazard and adding the Belgian to the fold would only strengthen the team as he will link up with stars like Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Ivan Rakitic.

With Hazard in tow, the Catalans are undoubtedly going to be a team with so much more depth in the offensive end, but the La Liga champions should also know that there might be some drawbacks in signing the Belgian.

Here are a few reasons why the Catalans could do well without signing Hazard.


When Neymar decided to move to Paris Saint Germain, the Catalans rebounded by picking up Ousmane Dembele from Borussia Dortmund for an incredible €105 million.

Many were optimistic in Dembele’s presence in the club but it was cut short due to some injuries that kept the Frenchman at bay.

However, when the youngster made his return, he showed his talents by bagging four goals and providing eight assists for Barcelona.

At 21 years old, Dembele surely still has more years left and has not reached his prime yet – as compared to Hazard being 27 years old.

In the coming season, Dembele may finally be looking at a full season with the team and signing Hazard may hamper his progression through the team’s ranks.


While this may not be something that the team and their owners are necessarily concerned with, reports that Chelsea are only willing to part ways with Hazard for a fee around £200 million may be a little too much for the Spanish champions.

In recent years, the Spanish giants paid lucrative deals to sign players like the aforementioned Dembele and Philippe Coutinho.

With the team losing players like Andres Iniesta, Paulinho and Lucas Digne, the money meant to sign Hazard may be spent somewhere else where they can improve other areas of the pitch.

Obviously, adding Hazard will add a new dimension to their offence, but the final third is the least of Barcelona’s worries now and addressing other areas should be the team’s priority.


Even without Hazard in the squad, the Catalans already boast one of the deepest teams in Europe. This makes them a scary team to meet in the UEFA Champions League.

This summer can be considered a success even without Hazard as the team already signed players like Vidal, Malcom, Arthur Melo and Clement Lenglet.

These names add to the team’s spectacular list of players, and the exhibition matches they played so far have highlighted the team’s quality even if they do not field in their best eleven on the pitch.

All these show that they do not need to include Hazard to the squad. They have capable players in almost all areas on the pitch that they only need to tweak a few things within the squad they already have to produce varying line-ups that are certainly going to challenge their rivals.

This does not undermine the talents that Hazard brings to the table, but even without the Belgian wizard they are already an elite team that are always considered favourites in any competition they take part in.