Alba: Barca are better off without Neymar

Barcelona left-back Jordi Alba says that he is thriving in the absence of Neymar, and believes the club may even be better without him.

The Brazilian linked up formidably with his fellow forwards during his time in Catalonia, but Alba feels more liberated on the left flank since his sale to Paris Saint-Germain.

"He is a great player who, due to his circumstances or feelings or thoughts, decided to leave," Alba told Mundo Deportivo.

"In the end, there are still many more guys who can do a good job and I am delighted with the people there.

"As I said before, I have more space to run into and honest, for me, it's much better. I have regained confidence.

"With more space on the left I am very comfortable and that is demonstrated in the field. I'm enjoying it in a way I haven't for a long time."

While Neymar may have cramped Alba’s style, the Spain international has no such problems with Lionel Messi, who he continues to link up with effectively.

"Understanding the best in the world is very easy," Alba added. "His left foot is quite good for me.

"Since I arrived, we have always looked for each other. It is a privilege to play with him and I hope there are many more passes and connections."