PSG kick Barcelona while they’re down

Paris Saint-Germain have nicked one of Barcelona’s best players and as if that’s not bad enough, they are now taking pot-shots at the Spanish giants while they struggle to find a formula that will make them competitive in La Liga this season.

The Supercopa de España is the equivalent of the Community Shield… except people actually care who wins it because it’s usually played between rivals Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Trailing 3-1 heading into Wednesday’s second leg at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, Barcelona again seemed bereft of any penetration going forward and any stability at the back.

That resulted in a humiliating 2-0 defeat and 5-1 aggregate thumping. Neymar has clearly left a big void in the Barcelona side and signings like Paulinho seem unlikely to be an adequate replacement.

As if the Neymar departure and comprehensive loss were not bad enough for Barcelona, they were also on the receiving end of some cyber torment… from the team who is now in possession of their former super star.

PSG’s social media team decided to troll the Catalan giants when they conceded the second goal on Wednesday with this Tweet.

That prompted responses like this from Barcelona fans.

But the overwhelming impression was that the joke was on Ernesto Valverde’s men.

You can’t help but laugh.

La Liga starts this weekend. Barcelona play Real Betis on Sunday and if they do not get their ducks in a row, they’ll be the butt of many more jokes like this.