Real Madrid fans demand Jose Mourinho’s return, want Zinedine Zidane sacked

Real Madrid fans demand Jose Mourinho's return, wants Zinedine Zidane sackedReal Madrid fans demand Jose Mourinho's return, wants Zinedine Zidane sacked

On Saturday, Real Madrid surrendered their place at the top of the table in the La Liga to arch-rivals Barcelona, after Real Mallorca defeated them 1-0 at the Iberostar stadium in Spain.

Lago Junior scored the only goal of the game, in the seventh minute. After the game, Real Madrid fans created quite a furore on social media, demanding the sacking of manager Zinedine Zidane. Most of them also wanted the club to bring back Jose Mourinho, to help the team get back to winning ways.

“Only Jose Mourinho can save us from this nightmare,” one fan said.

While another pleaded: “Mourinho please!”

A third wrote: “Will not watch another Madrid game until Mourinho’s back in charge.”

Another wrote: “Mourinho is the only that can save this team.”

One fan tweeted: “Jose Mourinho!! @realmadrid.”

Another fan explained: “Zidane should have not come back!! I swear he has no plan for this team!!! Can Jose Mourinho make Real Madrid great again.”

This fan went with: “Comunicado Oficial: Jose Mourinho.”

And lastly, another joked: “I think Jose Mourinho ended an unfortunate trend of Trips to Mallorca that year. Tough ground.”

Real Madrid’s next game is against Galatasaray this Wednesday, in the Champions League group stage.