Former Real Madrid President reveals Cristiano Ronaldo left Manchester United in 2008

We all know Cristiano Ronaldo left Manchester United for Real Madrid back in 2009, but what if we told you that the actual date of the signing was much before that? 

Former Real Madrid President Ramon Calderon has stated that he was responsible for bringing Ronaldo over to the Santiago Bernabeu, and he reckons it was a done deal in December 2008.

The Portuguese was pursued by Los Blancos for months before that, but agreed to stay on at Old Trafford for another season after a conversation with Sir Alex Ferguson.

Now, Calderon has released proof that he had the done deal and dusted much before the actual signing date that came under the presidency of Florentino Perez.

“It is not that I think about it every day, but Florentino Perez insists on attributing the honour,” he told El Confidencial.

“Recently he said on the radio, again, that Cristiano Ronaldo was the best signing of his mandate.

“It is not true. Cristiano Ronaldo is signed by Pedja Mijatovic and I, and I have brought some documents, which I have never taught publicly, to prove this once and for all.”

The report released does indeed prove that Ronaldo signed earlier than what was known at the time.

“Through this letter, I informed you that I have an agreement with my current club to transfer my federative and economic rights to Real Madrid, which attached as an annex to this letter also expressed my will and irrevocable decision to play in Real Madrid since the season and my also irrevocable commitment to accept the transfer of my federative and economic rights to Real Madrid as long as it accepts the conditions specified in the document attached as annex II.

“In the event of non-compliance by my part of the obligations assumed in Annex II, I am obliged to indemnify Real Madrid with the amount of thirty million euros as a criminal cause expressly within 10 days of the breach.”