Former Real Madrid manager passes verdict on Lionel Messi’s ‘GOAT’ status

Former Real Madrid manager passes verdict on Lionel Messi's 'GOAT' status

As the debate about whether Lionel Messi is actually the greatest footballer of all time rages on, former Real Madrid manager Jose Antonio Camacho has made his verdict official – unless Messi wins the World Cup, you cannot call him the ‘GOAT’, according to Camacho.

Camacho admitted that he does admire the Argentine footballing legend, but went on to opine that he is one important trophy shy of being deservedly hailed as the greatest footballer of all time – the World Cup trophy.

“He [Lionel Messi] is a very good player, but you can’t be the best in the world – let alone in history – if you are an Argentinian and you have not won a World Cup,” Camacho said in an interview with El Mundo.

He further said, “There are countries with lesser tradition when it comes to world football – where winning the World Cup is not as significant an achievement as in other countries – but Argentina is a dominant force,” before adding:

“No, without a World Cup, Messi can’t be the best.”

“A World Cup is the best you can aspire to and Argentinians will always demand it,” Camacho further explained the reason for his take.

Despite feeling that the five-time Ballon d’Or¬†winner is yet to earn the title of ‘GOAT’, Camacho¬†admitted that Messi is still a legend and that he is an admirer of the forward.

“He can decide a game at any time,” the ex-Spain coach explained. “There can be a total balance between two teams but he is Lionel Messi and he can break that balance suddenly,” he concluded.

Quotes via Marca.