Real Madrid star reveals Lionel Messi has better passing vision than Cristiano Ronaldo

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Cristiano Ronaldo looks well and truly ready to help Juventus fight for the UEFA Champions League (UCL) this season, while Lionel Messi is aiming to do the same for Barcelona.

As their ongoing debate over who the better footballer is continues, one of Ronaldo’s former teammates at Real Madrid has now chimed in with an interesting take on the superstar duo.

Daniel Carvajal has revealed some useful insight on both Messi and Ronaldo, after witnessing the duo playing at close quarters.

“I think Messi and Cristiano are hardly comparable,” Carvajal toldĀ El Chiringuito.

“They are two of the best players in history, but they are very different. Messi is a player who generates more football, he has better vision for a pass.

“Messi is a player who always has the ball stuck to his feet and he always finds space.

“Cristiano is a player who focuses on getting into the area and scoring. He is an annihilator. They are different, but at the same time so good.”

Having played against Messi a number of times, it is evident why Carvajal would appreciate the true skill of the Argentine, but there is no doubt that Ronaldo too, is an absolute world beater at his best.