WATCH: UFC Champion makes a Barcelona fan say ‘Hala Madrid’ before he takes a picture with him

WATCH: UFC Champion makes a Barcelona fan say 'Hala Madrid' before he takes a picture with him

Apart from being the UFC Champion and one of the world’s most popular MMA fighters, Khabib Nurmagomedov is also a Real Madrid fan apparently, based on what we know that happened during his recent interaction with a fan of Madrid’s arch-rivals, Barcelona.

In a video released by a user named “jak” (@jakkrm) on micro-blogging website Twitter, Khabib was seen refusing to click a picture with a Barcelona fan, that is, until he said “Hala Madrid” (which means “Forward, Madrid”) – one of Real Madrid’s most popular chants.

Watch the video below:

A bit cruel if you ask me, after all that was just a child!

On many previous occasions, Khabib has been in news for his love of football and in a very recent interview, he also revealed that apart from his undying loyalty to Real Madrid, he has always been a very big fan of the English Premier League and Liverpool FC as well.

“I think I am not only a fan, I think I know [a lot of] history. [The] English Premier League for me is the best league in the world. I follow everything,” Khabib said, before adding: “I like Liverpool. I remember when I was a kid in 2005 when I watched Liverpool versus Milan [in the Champions League final], in Dagestan. We had a big screen TV on the beach, thousands of people [were] watching this match.”

“And when they were losing after the first [half] 3-0, and I really believed ‘they have to come back, they have to come back’ because I liked the team, it was Milan Baros, [Vladimir] Smicer, [John Arne] Riise, [Sami] Hyypia. I remember this. Stevie Gerrard!”

“It was a very good team, but right now they have a very good team too. I watch all the Champions League matches and Liverpool. But I’m a big fan of Real Madrid,” he concluded.

Quotes via RT.