Juventus teammate lifts the lid on what Cristiano Ronaldo is really like behind the scenes

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juventus teammate Paulo Dybala lifts the lid on what the Portuguese sensation is like inside the confines of the dressing room – away from the spotlight and the cameras.

Speaking to Corriere della Serra, the Argentine attacker opened up about what it is like to interact with Cristiano Ronaldo on an everyday basis  and about his own ambitions at the club.

“No-one imagined it, not even us,” he said, of how down-to-earth Ronaldo actually is.

“We thought it was just a newspaper headline. Seeing him up close, Cristiano is a simple guy.

“He has its image, character and way of being on the field, but inside the dressing room he’s like the others and he likes to joke with everyone,” he said.

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Dybala also addressed his own standing at the club, having been the prized asset last season to being relegated to a bit part player ever since the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo has seen him thrust out wide in an unfamiliar position.

“The life of a player is like a rollercoaster: one day you’re the best, the next you’re useless. Finding a balance isn’t always easy.

“It happens to everyone, even champions like Messi and Ronaldo: after what they did in their careers, they’re still criticised.

“When the directors proposed the No 10 to me I thought about it, but you can’t refuse such an offer. “For me it is an honour and a responsibility: I have to show that I deserve it every day,” he concluded.

(Quotes R/T: Mirror)