5 reasons why re-hiring Jose Mourinho would be a mistake for Real Madrid

Jose Mourinho with the Premier League trophy

It is quite unbelievable to many that Jose Mourinho is once again being considered for the job at the Santiago Bernabeu. The Portuguese manager left the Blancos on a very sour note in 2013 but still had the admiration of Florentino Perez.

The Spanish construction magnate reveres the former Inter manager and is open to the idea of bringing him back to the Spanish capital. While he might have a lot to prove, there is absolutely no way to justify bringing him back to Real Madrid and here’s why…

#5 Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos

The captain of Real Madrid and one of the biggest icons, Sergio Ramos wouldn’t want Jose Mourinho back at the club. During the final part of Mourinho’s first stint at the Bernabeu, the Portuguese fell out of favour with a lot of players – and Sergio Ramos was one of them.

There have been numerous reports that claim that the Spain captain doesn’t want to see Mourinho back at Real Madrid and his arrival might actually trigger him to leave the Santiago Bernabeu.

#4 Bad taste

Real Madrid appointed Jose Mourinho in 2010

Like mentioned earlier, Jose Mourinho’s tenure at Real Madrid ended very badly. The club won no major titles in his last season and most of the players fell out of favour with him. Under immense media scrutiny and pressure from within the club, the ‘Special One’ stepped down from the position of the head coach and returned to Chelsea.

A large section of the fans, too, wanted him gone because of the way he had spread negativity at the club. While there are some fans that want him back, the majority of them want Real Madrid to have nothing to do with the Portuguese; especially after a disastrous end to his previous stint.

#3 Outdated tactics

Jose Mourinho was once lauded as one of the best tacticians in the world. The way he used his Inter team to stop Barcelona from reaching the final of the 2010 Champions League remains one of the best tactical masterclasses by any football manager.

However, that is the kind of football that doesn’t suit all clubs – especially not Madrid.

The Portuguese coach loves his team to have a strong defensive cohesion, which is a good thing. But when players with attacking flair are restricted greatly because of this, it hurts the club. A proof of this is Mourinho’s failed stint atManchesterr United, during which he restricted the likes of Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial in favour of more defensive minded players.

Ironically, both Rashford and Martial have blossomed in a more attacking set-up under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

#2 Poor man manager

Jose Mourinho and Paul Pogba at Manchester United

Eden Hazard once claimed that the Portuguese is the best manager in the world when his team is winning. He even allows his players to have extra breaks when things are going well. However, the moment the wheels start to shake, he criticizes his players in the press and creates a bad environment in the dressing room. This open criticism tactic always ends badly but Mourinho might not have learned from it.

The Portuguese head coach infamously claimed that there was a ‘rat’ in his dressing room during his previous tenure in Madrid, while throwing several players under the bus for the same. He also froze club captain Iker Casillas out of the starting eleven, preferring Diego Lopez in place of the Spaniard.

However, Mourinho’s biggest public spat came during his much more recent stint as the boss of Manchester United, during which he clashed with Frenchman Paul Pogba several times.

#1 Too authoritarian

Former Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho

The biggest problem with Jose Mourinho is his tendency to put himself above everyone else – even the club. At Manchester United, he went out on his way to openly claim that his team is not good enough to challenge for titles just as a means to force Ed Woodward into making signings.

If things aren’t going the way he likes, both on the pitch and in the boardroom, the Portuguese has been known to throw several tantrums to ensure that his wishes are fulfilled.

While Real Madrid are in dire need of a big personality to come in and unite the team as one, Jose Mourinho’s previous implosive record shows that he might not be the right man to do it.