Watch: Santiago Solari runs away from angry Real Madrid fans

It wasn’t a happy day for Real Madrid fans as their side crumbled to a 3-0 defeat at the Santiago Bernabeu to bitter rivals Barcelona in the Copa Del Rey. 

To make matters worse, there weren’t too many positives that came out of the game either. As a result, fans of Los Blancos have been calling for a change in approach as another El Clasico takes center stage in a few days time.

But for now, Real fans aren’t happy at all. And it’s obvious that their manager Santiago Solari knows it as well. Some video footage from the Bernabeu clearly shows fans waiting outside the stadium where Solari was scheduled to make an appearance.

Seeing the crowd however, the Spanish boss suddenly turned his car around and drove back the other way! The hilarious footage was caught on camera and shared on Reddit as well and certainly has fans laughing.

Solari makes a u-turn for the other exit as soon as he sees Real Madrid fans outside Valdebebas today. from r/soccer

There won’t be a whole lot of running away soon though, as Madrid take on the might of Barcelona once again at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in the Spanish capital.