Former Real Madrid manager blames Gareth Bale for his sacking at the club

Carlo Ancelotti, who won the Champions League with Real Madrid, revealed that Gareth Bale was instrumental in pushing him out of the club.

Ancelotti managed the Spanish giants from 2013 until 2015, and won the Champions League there as well. However, he was sacked following a tiff with club president Florentino Perez – something which he revealed arose over his appraisal of Welsh winger Gareth Bale.

Bale had refused to pass the ball to Benzema in a game against Valencia and that had led to a golden opportunity to score being wasted. And the Italian manager took the winger off after that, as the selfishness on display ‘drove him crazy’.

“If there is something that drives me crazy, it is selfishness. When a player has to pass the ball and does not pass it,” he told Italian daily ll Napolista.

“I paid it for in the first person. At Madrid, I took off Bale in a game against Valencia. I had to pass the ball to Benzema, who would have scored into an empty goal, but instead of that, he shot (and missed).

It was the reason that triggered an argument with Florentino, I took him off and the mess began there.”

The current Napoli manager also had a word of praise for Madrid’s cross-town rivals Atletico, and commented on how they make their opposition play badly.

(Quotes R/T: AS)