Real Madrid superstar reveals when Cristiano Ronaldo told him he was leaving

It’s been a while since Cristiano Ronaldo decided to leave Real Madrid and head to Juventus, but stories of his departure continue to be a major talking point. 

It was clear that Ronaldo and the Madrid higher ups weren’t quite getting along, and the Portuguese was ready for a fresh start in his sensational career.

And for his teammates, losing their star player could not have been easy to digest.

Long-time friend and former teammate Marcelo has revealed that Ronaldo told him he was leaving Real Madrid just before the Champions League final. 

Ronaldo can win Juventus the Champions League – Baptista

In an interview with Esporte Interactivo, as was reported by Football Espana, the defender talks about how he was told about the departure, and that it was a difficult secret to keep.

“We were training for the final and he told me: ‘I’m leaving,’” Marcelo revealed.

“I realise that I have lied to you about this before, but that is because I had to,” he went on discussing the situation.

It is however, no secret that the Brazilian has himself been linked to the Bianconeri, and linking up with Ronaldo must be a great opportunity for him.

“Juventus move? They are a great club, but I have a contract with Real Madrid,” Marcelo said on the subject of him moving.

Regardless, Real Madrid will look to focus on their domestic and continental commitments as the season draws to a close.