Great goal appreciation: James Rodriguez vs USMNT

James Rodriguez

It might be just a friendly, but it turned out to be one hell of a match! Colombia pulled off an impressive masterclass despite finding themselves trailing the hosts at one point to come out as 4-2 winners on Friday all the way over in Florida.

Come final whistle, the clash could have been considered very much a spectacle and a very good showcase of football, though the class of the South Americans proved to be a cut above their North American counterparts.

But from all of that feel-good football that neutrals who happened to watch the game were able to enjoy, let’s put everything else aside at the moment to take a look at the goal that started it all.

It was the 36th minute and the match was still goalless. Juan Cuadrado received a cross and upon contact, the Juventus winger started doing his trademark “dribble-dance” with the ball to unsettle the defence, he then passed it back to Wilmar Barrios who saw an opening on the right so he passed towards Santiago Arias.

The Atletico Madrid midfielder found himself marked but found James Rodriguez drifting nearer to goal so he laid it off to the Bayern Munich star.

If the movements before seemed to build up to something special, what followed was where the extraordinary started to unfold.

James, seemingly relaxed all the while, dribbled to leave his man and make the slightest of space.

That minute gap at a seemingly impossible angle was enough for him as he unleashed a beauty of a shot that seemed to give the ball enough power to bend time and space, and defy the laws of physics to work its way, slicing through the air and into the top left corner of the goal.

Colombia were in the drivers’ seat.

Despite the hosts mounting a fightback and almost succeeding, the initial strike of James that seemed anything but possible was enough to give his side the assurance that they will win the match.

And win they did!

Colombia were able to claw themselves out from 2-1 down to make it 4-2 come the final whistle for a flattering result.

All because James Rodriguez set the tone.

Now let’s look at that goal once again from a different angle…