Thiago Silva slams Lionel Messi, claims Barcelona star needs education

messi silva

Brazil and Paris Saint-Germain defender Thiago Silva has slammed Lionel Messi for his gesture towards Selecao head coach Tite. The Argentine superstar told the Brazilian tactician to ‘shut up’ during the two sides’ international friendly in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Friday.

Messi’s goal from the rebound after his penalty was saved by Brazil shot-stopper Alisson was the difference between the two sides. It was during the encounter that the Barcelona star gestured towards Tite, asking him to ‘shut his mouth’.

“I complained because he [Messi] should have been shown a yellow card and he told me to shut my mouth and I told him to shut his mouth,” Tite said after the match.

“And that was it. I don’t want to answer anymore on it. You need a strong referee because he’ll swallow you… It should have been a card, I was right to complain,” he added.

After the match, Silva slammed Messi for his gesture, saying that ‘education comes first’ despite the rivalry between the two sides.

“He wanted to run the game, wanted to blow the whistle. He gave two balls to the ball and the referee did nothing. He argued with the referee and the referee kept laughing. Admiration has to be set aside,” Silva said.

“It’s hard, because we talk so much about education and one of the most admired guys in football say… I’m not going to tell an old man, because he’ll be mad at me, but have a coach shut up. As much as you have rivalry, education must come first.”