Real Madrid star threatens to play for another country, claims he’d end international career on his own terms


Real Madrid star Karim Benzema has demanded the French Football Federation that he should be allowed to play for Algeria. The striker’s comments come after French Football Federation president Noel Le Graet suggested that Benzema’s time with the French national team was over.

“Karim Benzema is a very good player, I have never doubted his qualities,” Le Graet said as reported by Marca. “On the contrary, he shows Real Madrid that he is one of the best players around. But his adventure with the French National team is over.”

Benzema hit back through a Twitter post where he demanded to be allowed to play for Algeria. He last played for France in 2015.

“Noel, I thought you weren’t interfering with the coach’s decisions!” he wrote. “I want you to know that I and I alone would end my international career. If you think I’m finished, let me play for one of the countries that I’m eligible for and we’ll see.”