Spanish media claim David De Gea is the ‘worst thing to happen to Spain since military coup’

David De Gea is undoubtedly one of the best goalkeepers in the world, but the Manchester United stopper has faced his fair share of criticism as well. 

Most notably, the custodian came under fire for his poor keeping displays at the FIFA World Cup in Russia last year. Spain were knocked out rather early in the competition, and De Gea was partly to blame. 

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But Spanish media took things a little too far, with presenter Jose Miguel Monzon Navarro calling De Gea ‘the worst thing to happen to Spain since the 1981 military coup.’ The same was reported by Football365.

The show on ‘El Intermedio’ discussed a number of aspects, and politician Pablo Casado discussed the Catalan issue in detail on the program.

In response, the presenter brought up the topic of De Gea, and made rather surprising remarks.

“Mr Casado, I know you are very young but since 1981 some little things have happened,” Navarro said.

“There have been very serious attacks, we have participated in an illegal war, a declaration of independence, there has been a political party judicially condemned for financing itself through irregular means.

“And that’s not even mentioning the worst thing that has happened to this country since then: having put De Gea as the goalkeeper at the World Cup.”

Since the World Cup debacle, reports have confirmed that De Gea’s criticism was considered unfair by players, but his reputation in Spain continues to take a hit.