Hillsborough chief apologises

Former Chief Superintendent Duckenfield was giving evidence for a fourth day at the Hillsborough inquest into the deaths of 96 Liverpool supporters on April 15 1989.

Asked why he didn???t tell the truth for 26 years, Duckenfield said: “I’m terribly sorry. It has dawned on me what it means to you and I’m dreadfully sorry.

“I am now very much older, wiser, much more understanding and have decided to tell the whole truth.”

Some families walked out of court as Duckenfield apologised, with one person heard to say: “I don’t want your apology.???

Duckenfield admitted earlier on day 156 of the inquest in Warrington that he took responsibility for what happened on the day but denied being involved in the taking of blood alcohol levels of victims.

???Sir, I am the man in overall control,??? he replied. ???I seek guidance from people with greater experience and expertise than me. But ultimately the buck stops with me.

???The easiest thing in my position is to blame others, and I am not doing that.???

It also emerged that Duckenfield made a request for police dogs rather than ambulances, despite realising he was dealing with a medical emergency, rather than an incident of disorder.

The inquests continue.