FA considers Cup rebrand

A number of national newspapers are reporting that the organisation???s flagship tournament will be rebranded as the Emirates FA Cup in a deal reported to be worth around ??30m over the next three seasons.

The FA has so far resisted such a drastic change, preferring instead to use the phrases ???in association with??? or ???sponsored by??? in relation to their previous commercial deals with Littlewoods, Axa, E.ON and Budweiser.

The FA???s inability to fund such a sponsor for this year???s FA Cup following the expiration of the deal with Budweiser appears to have led to a change of heart from the FA board, although they are keen to stress no new deal has yet been finalised.

???We remain in discussion with a number of parties in relation to FA Cup partner opportunities,??? it said ahead of its board meeting to discuss the matter later this week.