Szczesny slams ‘idiotic’ dad

Szczesny’s dad Maciej has been a vocal critic of Arsene Wenger in the past and this week renewed his attack on the Arsenal manager.

His son, meanwhile, is waiting to discover if his recent role as the club’s FA Cup goalkeeper will extend to this weekend’s Wembley showdown with Aston Villa.

Wenger last season stuck with cup ‘keeper Lukasz Fabianski at Szczesny’s expense, but the Frenchman said on Wednesday he had yet to decide his team for the final.

In a message on his official Facebook page Szczesny said: “Really shouldn’t be dealing with this one day before the cup final but my father leaves me no choice.??

“I have not spoken to him in more than two years and just like everybody else I have had enough of his idiotic comments about the football club and the manager I owe so much to!

“Therefore please do not consider his comments as my shared view. Thank You for your understanding!”

Szcesny was dropped from Arsenal’s Premier League team after a New Year’s Day defeat at Southampton, where he was partly responsible for both goals conceded and was reportedly caught smoking in the shower afterwards.

In a written blog this week Maciej Szczesny questioned the truth of the smoking incident and accused Wenger of ignoring his own failings.