Manchester United star unsure of UEFA Europa League win

Manchester United star unsure of UEFA Europa League win

Manchester United star Sergio Romero has fond memories of winning the UEFA Europa League three years ago, but he still remains unsure as to whether the Red Devils can repeat their title-winning success this season.

“In this competition, it’s always uncertain because of the short and long journeys to different places. It will be a challenge to try to repeat the victory again in this competition. This club always needs to do well, wherever we play,” he was quoted as saying, by Manchester United’s official website.

“My experience tells me that, in these competitions, there are no easy teams and also that nobody is going to give you anything for free. It is a competition where, to reach the final, it is going to be very difficult, but we will give our best.”

“I do not have any team, in particular, I would like to play against. When you play in Europe, every team is going to be a difficult one. There are no easy teams in European competitions. Every team who participates in this competition wants to do well and wants to win,” the Argentine goalkeeper further added, before concluding:

“The team, the players, everyone wants to play in European competition and, of course, wants to win it.”

The 32-year-old went on to describe how much winning the Europa League in the 2016-17 season meant to him.

“The victory, for me, was a massive relief because I wasn’t playing a lot in the Premier League and other competitions. I only played in the cup and thanks to the confidence the manager [Jose Mourinho] deposited in me, it was a very positive thing for me,” he explained.

“This is another year, another season where we start from zero and we have to be at our best. Manchester United, because of its history, deserves to win always. We, as a team, have to work very hard, help each other and go the extra mile,” he signed off.