New rules to watch out for in Euro 2016

Fox in the box – Nenad Krsticic

Football officials are constantly tinkering with the rules of the beautiful game in a bid to make it fairer and more entertaining.

Who can forget the golden and silver goal experiment from a few years ago?

Here we take a look at some of the new laws that will feature at Euro 2016 in France…..

Hands off in the box
Expect a few initially baffling penalty decisions early on in the tournament as referees have been ordered to crack down on holding at set pieces. UEFA have reportedly warned teams and will expect referees to set a precedent in the first few games.

No more feigning on spot kicks
Players will no longer be allowed to feign when they are next to the ball as they take a penalty, although they can still do so in the run up. Offenders will receive a yellow card. Keepers who come off their line before the ball is kicked will also be booked.

‘Triple punishment’ a thing of the past
A red card, and a penalty that leads to a goal. The so-called ‘triple punishment’ when a player is denied a goalscoring opportunity will no longer be automatic providing the referee judges the player made a genuine attempt to win the ball.

Pre-match early bath
Players can now be sent off for bad behaviour even before the game starts. Good job Roy Keane and Patrick Vieira have retired.

Kick offs can now go backwards
Traditionally the ball was required to travel forward, but now it can go in any direction as long as there is one other player in the centre circle.