Guardiola’s ‘shy guy’ comment will not change Man City midfielder Foden

After missing a penalty against Albania, France forward Antoine Griezmann joked his wife’s absence was the reason he did not score.

Antoine Griezmann promised to work on his penalties having joked his wife’s absence may have resulted in his spot-kick miss against Albania.

France won their Euro 2020 qualifier 4-1 as Kingsley Coman grabbed a brace alongside goals from Olivier Giroud and Jonathan Ikone.

However, Griezmann was unable to add to the tally when presented with a first-half chance from the spot, his effort crashing off the crossbar and coming back into play.

Asked about his penalty miss, Griezmann said: “I don’t know. I don’t know.

“As I said earlier, maybe it’s because my wife didn’t watch the game.

“I was on a good dynamic but we can’t score every time. Too bad, I’ll have to work on it.”

The clash in Paris was delayed as the wrong anthem was played when Albania lined up ahead of kick-off.

Albania’s players were confused over the airing of the national song of Group H rivals Andorra, with the correct anthem eventually played following a meeting between the referee and UEFA officials.

However, there was further embarrassment when the stadium announcer then accidentally issued an apology to Armenia.

“We were very surprised. We were a little shocked,” Griezmann added.

“It’s a big mistake that must not be repeated.

“We waited, and they got their anthem, but it would have hurt us too.”