Eredivisie to introduce VAR next season

PSV Eredivisie

The Eredivisie have confirmed that the Video assistant referee system will be put in place for the 2018/2019 season.

A number of leagues have been trialling the new system that will be implemented at the World Cup this year.

And following a meeting on Monday with the Eredivisie clubs, a vote was taken in favour to implement the technology.

KNVB director Eric Gudde explained his point of view in a statement: “The game is getting much fairer. 

“Figures from the University of Leuven also support this. Many countries have already started and we also like to see the referees being supported where necessary. 

“That is why we are going to introduce this in imitation of other countries as well. ”

The Bundesliga, Serie A, the MLS and the A-League are all already utilising VAR while it has only been used in cup competitions in the Netherlands this season.

Gudde added: “Of course we have been working in the background for a while, but the introduction of the VAR will really take shape in the coming months.

“I am therefore looking forward to the moment we will really start on Friday August 11 at the start of the Eredivisie.”