Gerard Pique reveals what went wrong for Barcelona against Valencia in the Copa del Rey finals

Barcelona defender Gerard Pique

Nearly three weeks after Barcelona’s embarrassing loss to Liverpool in the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League (UCL), Spanish center back Gerard Pique finally revealed that their UCL exit has affected Barcelona in a much bigger manner than expected.

The veteran Barca star was speaking to reporters after yet another loss on Saturday, in the Copa del Rey finals against Valencia. Over the past few matches, it has appeared that Barcelona have not recovered from their Champions League defeat and subsequent elimination. Pique admitted that it was true to an extent.

“I am convinced that if we had passed the trial at Anfield, we would have won the treble this season. We would have done well here against Valencia and we would also have won the Champions League final,” Pique was quoted as saying, by Marca.

He further added: “We are very hurt, but we still have to suffer the consequences. The team is hurt as we did not expect to finish like this. Just two weeks ago, we were chasing the treble and today we are returning with the LaLiga title alone. There is no excuse, we are FC Barcelona. We are obliged to win all competitions, but right now let us just congratulate Valencia on their success. It has been a good year – as long as the La Liga is won it can be called a good year. But of course, things could have gone better.”

The former World Champion went on to say that a disappointing end to the season did not mean that the club will introduce drastic changes to the squad or the management.

“The last 15 days have not been the best for Barcelona, ​​but that does not mean that we have to rush to conclusions,” he concluded.