Chile star slams ‘shameless’ Lionel Messi for Copa America comments; cites Argentina’s scandalous past

Lionel Messi went on an uncharacteristic rant following Argentina’s Copa America elimination. The Barcelona star accused the tournament of corruption and favouring Brazil. He has since attracted a lot of heat from all over the world. 

Lionel Messi earned the wrath of the football world when he ranted on about the referee and the organizers after Argentina’s Copa America campaign.

“The corruption and the referees didn’t allow us to be in the final. You have to say the truth,” Messi had said.

The Argentina star has since been in the midst of controversy, with many slamming him for his comments. Chile National Team goalkeeper, Johnny Herrera, joined in the debate and labelled Messi ‘shameless’ to ask for arbitration. He cited an incident from the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification process as well, when Messi’s ban was overturned before Argentina’s crucial fixtures.

“You have to be ‘shameless’ to claim now for arbitration,” Herrera said in an appearance on Canal de Futbol (via Ole).

“Argentina was hanging on for the World Cup and they sanctioned him for four games against Chile for insulting a referee. We were all there, and when he gets the punishment, he gets banned for one game and ends up playing very well against Ecuador, what are you talking about now?”

The Chilean shot-stopper then further levied the blame on Messi, and Argentina as a whole, questioning the credibility of their two FIFA World Cup title wins.

“They have two cups of the world: one in dictatorship and another with a goal with the hand,” he continued before targetting Messi once more.

“Now it’s your turn to lose, and keep quiet.”

Lionel Messi was slammed by CONMEBOL themselves for accusing the tournament of favouring Brazil. He now waits to hear whether he will be sanctioned for his comments on the matter.