WATCH: Argentina’s Rodrigo De Paul tackled by a pigeon in Copa America 2019 encounter against Venezuela

Argentina’s Rodrigo De Paul needs a dribbling lesson or two from Lionel Messi as he tripped up against a pigeon in the field of play and lost the ball in the Copa America 2019 match against Venezuela.

Rodrigo De Paul started as part of Argentina’s midfield three in their quarterfinal match against Venezuela and had an overall solid game. However, there was one moment when the midfielder was left red-faced – when he got tackled by a pigeon.

De Paul was attempting to shield the ball against two Venezuelan players when the ball bobbled over the bird resolutely sat in the field of play and tripped him up.

It was a moment of mirth on a night in which Argentina huffed and puffed to break down a dogged Venezuelan defence.

Lionel Messi was by and large kept quiet during the match but Lautaro Martinez’s moment of brilliance early in the game and a mistake from the Venezuelan ‘keeper in the second half proved to be enough for the Albiceleste.

Argentina will now go on and face fellow tournament favourites Brazil in the semifinals as the Barcelona ace still hunts for his first ever international trophy.

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