Jose Mourinho slams Manchester United players following loss to Valencia

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho is never one to shy away from speaking his mind, and the most recent instance of that came following the Red Devils’ 2-1 defeat to Valencia in the Champions League.

Mourinho revealed that while being displeased with the result, he was far from surprised.

“Nothing that happened surprised me at all. I expect (better) from my players, especially players that week in, week out, ask me ‘why don’t they play?’, ‘why they don’t they start?’

“(It) was a good match to play, a match without any kind of pressure, a match in a competition that everybody likes to play.

Mourinho also lamented the fact that the team improved only after he made changes that he didn’t want to make in the first place. Jesse Lingard, Marcus Rashford and Ashley Young were the three substitutes used on the night and they all played a role in United’s goal after coming off the bench.

“In the end, my team improved, really, when I made the changes that I didn’t want to make, which is a little bit of frustration because I didn’t want to play the three players that I played in the second half.”

The Portuguese also went on to add that he had learnt nothing from the match at all.

United play Liverpool in the Premier League this coming weekend and will need a much-improved display if they are to stand a chance of getting a result.