Brozovic pulls off low block to deny Suarez free-kick, Messi’s reaction: GOLD

Brozovic save Suarez Messi Inter Barcelona - Champions League

Croatian and Inter Milan midfielder Marcelo Brozovic successfully pull off a defensive stop when he did a relatively unconventional sliding block to aid the wall during FC Barcelona and Inter Milan’s Champions League.

It so happened that Suarez opted to go for a low free-kick to evade the wall he rightfully anticipated to be in suspended in mid-air. But with Brozovic fortunate anticipation of the ball he was able to deny the shot.

The defensive stop would end up in vain though as Barcelona came out as 2-0 victors for the night in Camp Nou, but the play eventually made a dent in the social media sphere by making a good highlight-reel and a lesson in situational defending as a consolation for Brozovic, and maybe, for the Milanese club.

Even injured superstar Lionel Messi, along with that frustrated face, you can tell from his reaction that he’s impressed.

Yup, that’s one unconventional, yet amazing save by the Inter player. Kudos Marcelo!