On Mohamed Salah’s Champions League petulance

Take nothing away from Mohamed Salah, his European exploits and Premier League record-setting feats the previous season are still very much fresh in the minds of fans, rivals and pundits alike. While we fell short of adjectives to describe his superlative performances, the man himself was relentlessly at it time and again.

It is admittedly slightly worrying that his performances this season so far have in no way been reminiscent of last year’s superlatives.

Although his rusty performances can definitely be excused so early into the new season, what might slightly be more worrying for Jurgen Klopp is his reaction to Roberto Firminho’s winner right at the death. With the ineffective Salah off the pitch, the Brazilian twisted and turned his way into the PSG box, culminating with him firing in the winner from the edge of the box. The Kop celebrated wildly; Jurgen Klopp joining in with his trademark fist pump, while Salah, infuriated for reasons known best to him, flung a bottle right down at his feet.

In a camp surrounded by oodles of positivity since the start of the season, Salah’s petulance might definitely rile some people up.

The internet has been quick to take sides with Rio Ferdinand defending his reaction as being celebratory and not defiant while scores of rival fans were quick to point out how he certainly looked less than happy when the ball went in.

Mountains need molehills to be made out of and perhaps Salah’s gesture did mean nothing. It does beg the question though – in a sport where every second step is analysed to death, each move recorded, why risk controversy with such needless petulance at all?