Di Francesco rues Roma mistakes

Roma boss Eusebio Di Francesco said he regretted the fact that his side didn’t put Liverpool under pressure earlier following their Champions League semi-final loss.

The Italians went out of the competition 7-6 on aggregate despite winning 4-2 on the night.

Speaking after the game, Di Francesco told reporters that first-half defensive mistakes had cost his team dearly.

“My team had to believe in it a lot, we knew we could score four against Liverpool and so we did, I’m sorry it didn’t go as planned. We gifted two goals, but then came back. However, the mistakes really cost us.

“I tell the players well done, because reacting like that and putting Liverpool on the ropes was almost perfect in the second half.

“We have grown through this experience, but I have regrets because this team should’ve believed more in its chances, we could’ve had more goals and pushed Liverpool even more.”

He added that he would now concentrate on getting back into the Champions League next season.

“It’s important for Roma to be in the Champions League again next season, but first we have to secure our place in Serie A. We’ve proved we can compete in the tournament after a journey that was not easy, but I am not going to settle for that. We can do more.”

Meanwhile, Roma’s sporting director Monchi attacked the match officials, saying that mistakes at Anfield and in Rome had cost his side the tie.

“The referee changed everything. At Anfield, Liverpool got away with offside goals and today we should’ve had two penalties, one of which should’ve been a red card as well. I think it’s time to raise my voice.

Monchi called for for VAR to be introduced in the Champions League.

“Congratulations to Liverpool but there are things that need to be analysed here. It’s the most important competition for clubs and there is no VAR. It’s true that VAR can be wrong but it certainly doesn’t happen as often. I don’t know why UEFA don’t want it.”