Jardim: No complacency

Jardim said the Ligue 1 side played the ???perfect game??? when they claimed a 3-1 first-leg advantage at the Emirates last month.

Monaco have not conceded at all in their three group games earlier in the tournament, while no team in the Champions League era has recovered from such a deficit heading into the second away leg of a knockout tie.

Portuguese coach Jardim, however, will not make the mistake of believing the tie is already won.

“I don’t think they underestimated us (in the first leg). We played a dream game, our perfect game, which is why the result ended up like this,” he said.

“However, we will approach the game the same way as all others – we are not thinking about result itself, just playing the game.

“When you are facing such a team as Arsenal with players like Welbeck, Ozil, Cazorla, it is true we cannot take it easy.

“We need to focus and to play the same game we played in the first leg in order not to be in a dangerous situation.”

Jardim added: “We are at half-time (in the tie), but our opponent has such a strong and quality players within their squad, so everyone knows this will be one of the most difficult challenges we have had for years.”

Midfielder Nabil Dirar insists the players have already put the euphoria of their victory at the Emirates Stadium to one side.

“We know nobody expected us to win at Arsenal away, we enjoyed the moment then forgot it because we knew the Arsenal team have quality players and can always make the difference,” he said.

“We know we might have a little advantage, but this will be a difficult game and need to do our job to get the qualification.

“We need to remain focused, but must not just stay at the back (defensively) and show we fear then.

“They did not play well in the first game, but I think we will see the real face of Arsenal tomorrow.

“But we know how to play on the counter-attacks, so have our own strengths.”