Mourinho critical of United’s ‘PlayStation football’

Jose Mourinho slammed Manchester United for playing “PlayStation football” during their 3-0 win over Basel in the Champions League on Tuesday.

United earned victory thanks to goals from Marouane Fellaini, Romelu Lukaku and Marcus Rashford, but lost midfielder Paul Pogba after he went down in the first-half with a hamstring injury.

The win, however, did not fully satisfy Mourinho, who criticised his players for showboating after Lukaku’s goal had put United 2-0 up.

“Three points are important at home. Until 2-0 we were very stable, we played with confidence,” Mourinho said.

“After 2-0 everything changed. We stopped playing, we stopped thinking, we stopped playing seriously, stopped making the right decisions on the pitch.

“We could have put ourselves in trouble, but they didn’t score and we got the third.

“But it was bad decisions, fantasy football, PlayStation football, flicks and tricks. When we stop playing seriously, stop playing as a team, I don’t like it.”

He also accused his players of a lack of respect.

“We gambled and you have to respect your opponent. I don’t know if goal difference will play a part. We lost position, our shape, we lost balls in easy situations.

“I didn’t like it, the players relaxed too much.”