Why Real Madrid fans are the worst

Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo, and former teammate Sami Khedira, have both explained why they don’t feel the love from the club’s fans.

As Madrid’s all-time leading goalscorer, Ronaldo might think he had done enough to endear himself to the Madridistas, yet the four-time Ballon d’Or winner has been the target of boos from the stands at times this season.

“I don’t like it and it’s not normal that they whistle you in your own stadium. I just don’t like it,” Ronaldo told La Sexta.

“It shouldn’t be the case that a player who always wants to give his best and give 100 per cent for this team, when he makes his first mistake people whistle.

“It’s not correct. And when you are on a difficult run that is when you need extra support from outside not less. Sometimes we don’t have it.”

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While it is fair for a big club like Madrid to demand the best from players they signed at great cost and pay massive wages, the same is true of Manchester United, where Ronaldo had a much better experience with the supporters.

“I spent a lot of years at Manchester United and it never happened to me. Not even once. Maybe England is a case apart – the mentality is different.

“I’m very happy being in Spain but obviously I also miss England because you can’t just turn off the memories.”

Ronaldo’s criticism of the Blancos support was echoed by Juventus midfielder Sami Khedira, who will face his former club, and their ungrateful fans, in Saturday’s Champions League final in Cardiff.

“In Madrid, I was appreciated by my coaches and 100 per cent fair, but I did not have this recognition in public,” Khedira told Kicker.

“If I did 10 good games, that was self-evident. If the 11th was not so good, it was asked whether or not I was good enough for the club.”