Pep Guardiola gives surprising answer when asked if Manchester City can win UCL

Manchester City may be considered a European powerhouse under the management of Pep Guardiola, but the Spaniard isn’t so confident in his team this season by the looks of things.

In fact, Guardiola does not even believe the current City squad is good enough to compete for top trophies and win tournaments as big as the UEFA Champions League (UCL).

“The people say about the Champions League, that target. We still are not ready,” said Guardiola.

“We create a lot, don’t concede, but can improve. We’ve scored a lot over the last two seasons and I don’t have doubts about that, but we have to keep going, work on that.”

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Regardless, the Sky Blues showed composure in their most recent Premier League game, winning 2-0 away from home against Crystal Palace, where the manager chose to play Gabriel Jesus up front instead of Sergio Aguero.

“He [Jesus] will have a long career and with his mentality always he will have success. He is hungry, he will become an important striker around the world and we are lucky to have him,” Guardiola continued.

“Gabriel was always good from the beginning. Unfortunately he had the two tough injuries. Last season it was tough for him, after the World Cup it was not easy, but he is strong.

“He is a number nine for Brazil. The club brought an incredible, young player for an incredible price. One of the best signings.

“To compete with Sergio [Aguero] is maybe the most difficult thing. Sergio is a legend, an outrageous player – amazing, but Gabriel is so calm.

“He is a competitor, he accepts the decision and every training session he fights like an animal, but he is so young and can improve.”