Watch: Lionel Messi’s son Mateo emulates father’s famous UCL goal against Real Madrid

Watch: Lionel Messi's son Mateo emulates father's famous UCL goal against Real Madrid

“Like father, like son”, goes the saying. And these days, Mateo Messi – Lionel Messi’s son, is busy proving that the statement is pretty accurate – for instance, earlier this week, he emulated his father’s famous UCL goal against Real Madrid, and we find the resemblance between both goals to be very astonishing.

Take a look at young Mateo’s goal right here:

And now, watch the video below to see how Messi scored his goal. As mentioned above, he scored it against Real Madrid, in a Champions League appearance. The Argentine legend’s goal helped the Blaugrana reach the final, after a convincing win over Los Blancos in the semi-final:


It’s true – Messi scored the memorable goal by overcoming some big names of Real Madrid’s defence, while all Mateo had to do was to run freely before striking the ball into an empty net. But if nothing else, the video simply speaks volumes about the youngster’s power of observation.

The video goes on to prove that Mateo has a very keen eye for the game, and undoubtedly, if he continues to develop his other skills, he could become a prodigy like his father, one day.

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